You’re gearing up to start a healthy eating plan and have heard time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But why is it so critical to eat during this time?

You typically find that food is the last thing you’re thinking of when you first wake up and it’s a real effort to get yourself to eat.

Must you?

You must and here’s why.

Breakfast Jump-Starts Your Metabolic Rate

First, those who eat breakfast will see a higher metabolic rate all day long compared to those who don’t. This matters because the faster your metabolic rate is, the quicker fat burning will take place.

Even if weight loss isn’t a goal, this means you’ll have a lower risk of fat gain.

Breakfast Keeps Blood Sugar Levels Stable

Next, breakfast also helps keep your blood sugar levels stable. If you skip over it, don’t be surprised if you find yourself ravenous come 10 am.  At that point, you might eat anything in sight – healthy or not.

Breakfast Gives You Brain Power

Breakfast is also important for giving you a mental boost as well. Those who consume a balanced breakfast will find they stay focused better during the morning and get more accomplished as they go about their day.

If you often get that mid-morning slump, lack of breakfast could be the reason why.

Breakfast Influences Food Choices Later On During The Day

Finally, those who eat breakfast are more prone to making smarter choices all throughout the day and take in fewer calories by days end.  This again means greater fat loss results and improved weight control.

So don’t skip over breakfast any longer. A balanced breakfast is a must to start your day for not only your health’s sake, but also for keeping you feeling and functioning your best.

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