Even though you know that Fresh is Better provides healthy, sustainable, delicious meals, you may still have a few questions. Below you’ll find a list of our clients’ most frequently asked questions.

Don’t see your question here? No problem. Pick up the phone and give us a call at 844.342.4244. We’re happy to answer all of your questions!


I want fresh, delicious, healthy meals! How do I sign up?

There are two ways for you to sign up. If you’re ready to sign up right now, you can do so here on our website. If you’d prefer to speak with an enrollment specialist, call us at 305.728.0470
Once you’ve signed up, you can expect to receive a confirmation email. We'll be sending you another email with a Welcome Guide that explains how deliver works.

What’s the difference between the home meal plan and the office lunch service?

Our home meal plan is perfect for those who are looking to adopt FIB as a lifestyle. You can select whether you wish to receive breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks with a minimum order of 2 meals per day. Your meals are delivered every night between Sunday and Thursday on an insulated cooler bag to keep them cold overnight.On the other hand, our lunch office program allows you to receive just lunch directly to your office anywhere between 8.30 am and 12.30 pm.

When do I need to place my order?

Our delivery week starts on Monday. In order to begin receiving food on Monday, you must place your order before our deadline at 4 PM on Friday. If you want to start before or after Monday, send us an email to info@fibdelivery.com after you've placed your order.

How do I know which plan is the right for me?

Your specific goals will play a big part in deciding which plan is best-suited for you. To help you make your decision, we’ve provided a brief description about each plan on our Meal Plan page. Be sure to check out our paleo, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, if you have special dietary needs.
Still not sure which to choose? Call one of our enrollment specialists at 305.728.0470 or email us at info@fibdelivery.com to get answers to your questions.

I eat a lot (or not so much). What meal sizes do you offer?

We all know that one size doesn’t truly fit all. To match your caloric needs, we provide three different sizing options. Our trim size includes around 270-350 cal* with 4 oz of lean protein per meal. Our medium-sized option, the lifestyle, offers around 330-410 cal* with 6 oz of lean protein per meal. If you eat a lot, you can opt for our pro size, for those who are looking for approximately 410-520 cal* with 8 oz of lean protein per meal.

What is great about FIB is that you can change size as needed until you find the perfect one!

*Lunch or dinner; not breakfast or snacks.

Can I sign up for more than one person?

In order to give our customers the best possible service, we suggest every customer to have an individual account. Even when multiple customers live at the same address, we suggest each have his or her own account.

I would like to try for one day before signing up. Do you offer any trial?

Glad you ask! We do actually offer a one day trial because we understand it’s not easy to engage on a weekly meal plan without being sure you will like it. They are awesome because we offer them at a reduced price and delivery is free! You can order your one-day trial here www.fibdelivery.com/one-day-trial/.

Home Meal Plans

What is included with a meal plan?

It all depends on you! We give you the option to choose how many meals you wish to receive daily. The minimum delivery is 2 meals (choose between breakfast, lunch or dinner).

If you decide to get our delicious snacks, they will give your metabolism a lift and to help keep those between-meal cravings at bay.

Do I need to order all 5 days?

To feel the nutritiousness and awesomeness of our meals, we recommend to receive the service all 5 weekdays, but we understand it can be a challenge for some of you. If you'd like to receive our meal delivery service less than 5 days a week, you can send us an email at info@fibdelivery.com and we'll help you out!

Do you offer family discount?

We actually do! If there's more than one delivery at the same address, you can use the promo code SHAREDADDRESS to receive a 5% off on each order!

I want to share FIB with my family and friends! Is there a referral program?

There sure is! If you are one of our active customers, then you can benefit by referring us to your friends and family. For every new customer you refer to us, we’ll give you 10% off!
To refer a customer, send an email to referral@fibdelivery.com. Be sure to include the contact information for both you and your referral.

Can I view the menu for next week?

Given that we work with the produce that we find fresh, we are not able to provide the menu for the following week. This allow us to have the flexibility to offer you creative, fresh and yummy meals.

Does FIB deliver to my area?

Currently, our home delivery service covers east South Florida, between Cutler Bay and Ft Lauderdale. To learn whether we deliver to you, click Get Started and check your zip code!
We’re not serving your area? Don’t worry! We’re planning on expanding our operation very soon, so give us your information and we’ll let you know once we can deliver to you.

When will I get my food?

Food is delivered nightly, from Sunday through Thursday, for next-day consumption. The cooler bag you receive Sunday night is for Monday. The bag you get Monday night is for Tuesday, and so on. Delivery time window is between 7.30 pm and 4 am depending on your area.

I live in a gated community or apartment building with restricted access. How will I get my food?

Customers living in gated communities need to add us to their guest list or offer us a community access code. If you live in an apartment building, you will need to make certain that our delivery driver has front desk access.
If our driver is unable to complete your delivery, he or she will not return to do so. Because our deliveries occur in the middle of the night, it’s unlikely that the driver will attempt to contact you to address the situation. If a delivery is not completed, FIB will not be able to provide a refund.

Do I need to pay for the cooler bag and the ice block?

There is a one-time, refundable fee for your cooler bags and ice block. That fee is $30, payable at the time of your first order. If you decide you would no longer like to receive delicious, healthy meals from FIB, you can leave the bag and bricks for pick-up on Sunday night. As long as they are returned in good condition, we will return your $30.

What should I do with my cooler bag and ice block?

Please leave your cooler bag and ice block out on nights that your driver makes deliveries, so it can be exchanged for a new set.

I forgot to leave my cooler bag and ice block for pick-up! What do I do?

If you forgot to leave it outside, just leave both sets outside on the night of your next delivery.
If two or more cooler bags are not returned, we will charge you for each missing set on the third pick-up attempt. We charge $30 for each set of cooler bag with ice block.

I moved or need to provide new delivery instructions. How can I do this?

If you need to update your information, send us an email at delivery@fibdelivery.com. Don’t wait until the last minute to update your information! These changes might take effect in one business day.

Office Lunch Delivery

Can I check out next week menu?

We do our best to provide our traditional lunch menu for the following week. Please be aware that actual menu might change. We rely on fresh and seasonal produce to prepare your meals, which makes a challenge for us to guarantee that we'll find what the ingredients we need for the menu. What we can guarantee is that you will be receiving fresh, delicious and wholesome lunches.

Do you offer special rate for large groups?

Of course we do! Our special rates start with 5 daily orders. Please, send us an email to lunch@fibdelivery.com with the request.

What time do you usually deliver?

Our lunch service is delivered anywhere between 8.30 am and 12.30 pm.

Our Food

I’ve heard about “sustainable eating,” but what does it mean?

Sustainable eating is all about eating food that has been grown or raised in a way that is manageable over the long-term. A food source is sustainable only if it produces food responsibly.
At FIB we care about where your food comes from so we focus on finding partners that support this philosophy.

How about meats?

Animal welfare is important to us. We believe that the better an animal’s life, the better it will be for your health. That’s why we ensure that our meats aren’t treated with hormones or antibiotics. Our fish is caught wild.

What is the catch of the day?

The catch of the day is a fish serving that changes regularly depending on what we find fresh. Since we don’t know what we'll find, we can’t guarantee what type of fish will be served as the catch of the day, but we do know it will be fresh!

Does FIB use organic ingredients?

FIB is committed to using high quality ingredients with excellent health benefits. Most of our ingredients are organic, or at least non-gmo.

Does FIB implement any other sustainable practices?

Yes, we do! Deliverable meal plans can create lots of daily waste, depending on the materials delivered to customers. To keep in line with our values, we want to cut down on waste whenever possible. As a result, we use 100% compostable containers that are made with sugarcane. Our containers have lids created with 100% post-recycled materials.

What about my food allergies?

In order to accommodate your food allergies, we offer every customer three complimentary ingredient exclusions. Whenever you place an order, you will have the opportunity to provide information about your food allergies. We will store your answers on our database.
*Please note that while we will make every effort to avoid cross-contamination of ingredients, we are unable to guarantee that all ingredients will always be kept separate.

I’m concerned about sodium intake. Are my meals low in sodium?

All meals at FIB are low in sodium. When we do add sodium, we use kosher salt because it goes through less processing and has fewer additives than traditional table salt. We also take seriously to cook the most we can from scratch, which also helps to minimize preservative and sodium from your meals. For example, did you get jelly on your breakfast or a dipping sauce on your snack? We cooked that ourselves!

Do you send my food frozen?

No way! “Fresh is Better,” remember?
When you eat your meals, you can rest assured that the food you eat was prepared a few hours before delivery. In order to keep your food free of bacteria, it will be chilled. After your food is cooked, we immediately refrigerate it for a few hours. We transfer it to your cooler bag just before delivery, but it is never frozen.

How do I get my meals hot?

Every meal will have reheating instructions. You’ll find your instructions on the daily menu we place in the pocket of your cooler bag. One thing to remember about heating your meals is to remove the container’s lid ahead of time.

I am a diabetic. Do you have a meal plan for me?

Our meals are generally suitable for diabetics. There are no added preservatives and only low quantities of dairy and simple carbs. They also score low on the glycemic index.
Although we believe our meals will work for you, we recommend that diabetics speak with their physicians before adopting a new diet.

Account Changes

Do I have to renew my subscription to keep receiving my meals?

No, you don’t. To save you time and energy, we will automatically renew your subscription for you. Your subscription will be renewed at 8:00 AM on the last Friday before the next cycle begins.
If you choose to cancel your subscription before the next cycle, you can do so by logging into your account and updating your preferences.

What if I want to switch to another meal plan or alter my meal size?

We understand that as your dietary needs change, you may need to make changes to your meal plan. If you want to pick a new plan or increase/decrease the size of your meals, email us at accountchanges@fibdelivery.com. We'll do our best to make changes effective as soon as possible.

I’m going on vacation for a few days. How can I temporarily stop receiving deliveries?

If you need to temporarily stop receiving deliveries, you can alert us by sending an email to accountchanges@fibdelivery.com. Include the days for which you do not need to receive a delivery and don’t forget to tell us when you want to resume receiving tasty, nutritious meals again!

What do I do if I no longer want to renew my service?

If you decide that you no longer want to receive fresh, healthy, totally delicious meals right to your door, then you can stop your subscription renewal online. Just be sure to do it before 8:00 AM on the last Friday of your scheduled service. You’ll continue to receive meals for which you have already paid.
And don’t forget, we’ll be right here if you decide you want to resume service again later.

How can I cancel my current subscription?

If you want to cancel your current FIB subscription, you can do so by sending written notice to cancellations@fibdelivery.com.
Cancellations will be processed as soon as possible, but will not take effect until the end of the current delivery week. That is because we have already purchased the food required to fulfill your order and are unable to return it. After the week’s end, you will no longer receive FIB meals and will receive a prorated refund for any other weeks for which you have already made payment. Refunds take roughly seven days to process and are subjected to a 5% processing fee.
After cancelling your subscription, we will attempt to collect your cooler bag on Sunday night, in the same location as usual. Each failed pick-up attempt deducts $15 from the $30 deposit. After the second time, we will have charged you the maximum $30 fee, and you may keep your cooler bag.