fresh food delivery in MiamiHere at Fresh is Best (or “FIB”) we understand that people have busy lifestyles.  Sometimes there just isn’t time to shop or one unexpected detour throws off your entire schedule.  We understand that a busy lifestyle is one that needs convenience and that’s where we strive to provide the best fresh food delivery in Miami.  Yet we try to go a step beyond and bring our customers a healthy lifestyle in the form of fresh, high quality food that will help to boost a healthier way of living.  Our goal at FIB is to be a partner in your efforts to craft delicious, nutritious meals to meet your needs but also provide you with convenience.

Fresh is definitely better and that’s why we use nothing but the best ingredients and deliver them not on our schedule but on yours.  Our food is carefully sourced as we look for the best in seasonal produce, fish caught in Florida’s waters, and proteins that are pasture-fed and antibiotic free.  We have a serious commitment to offering the best fresh food delivery service in the area because to us it’s not just a business it is a way of life.  And we understand that people’s ways of life include different diets which is why we are proud to offer four different food plans for delivery.


Our traditional meal plan delivery consists of all four food groups.  These menus are designed to promote maintaining or achieving a healthy weight with lean proteins, fresh produce, and hearty grains.  An example of the daily foods you would consume on this plan would be a cinnamon whole wheat waffle with strawberry preserves for breakfast, a veggie summer roll for a mid-morning, snack, a chicken kebab with quinoa and roasted vegetables for lunch, a thin slice of lemon pie for a mid-afternoon snack, and fresh snapper with asparagus and cherry tomatoes for dinner.  There you have a day of exceptional foods at your fingertips with FIB’s fresh food delivery service.


Inspired by what scientists hypothesize what our ancestors ate, our paleo food delivery plan focuses on lean meats, the absolute freshest produce, and healthy fats by cutting out processed foods.  A daily menu would consist of offerings such as coconut flour pancakes with apples for breakfast, a Korean BBQ beef slider for a mid-morning snack, a mushroom and spinach pork tenderloin with mixed veggies for lunch, lemon pie for a mid-afternoon snack, and delectable baked salmon with sweet potato fries for dinner.  Here at FIB we are very proud to offer fresh paleo meal delivery to Miami.


Our fresh delivery food plan of fruits and vegetables is chosen from produce at the peak of ripeness and we try to source as much as possible from local farmers.  Our goal is to delivery fresh produce with vibrant color, a high concentration of nutrients, and optimal flavor to our customers.  A day’s meals of our vegetarian fare might consist of a whole what burrito for breakfast, zucchini carrot kale cookies for a mid-morning snack, Thai fried rice for lunch, chocolate chia pudding for a mid-afternoon snack, and a hearty barley risotto with roasted butternut squash for dinner.  A variety of delicious and original vegetarian meals are just a few clicks away with this fresh meal delivery option.

Gluten Free

fresh paleo meal deliveryHere at FIB we are well aware of the challenges people who need a gluten free diet face.  For those who must adhere to a gluten free lifestyle due to medical conditions, we are proud to offer you a fresh food delivery plan that cuts out the gluten and replaces it with pristine produce, pasture-raised meats, and an abundance of omega-rich seafood caught off the Florida coastline.  A day’s menu selections might include a bell pepper egg muffin with sausage for lunch, olive and feta skewers for a mid-morning snack, slow-cooked balsamic roast beef for lunch, a lemon curd tart for a mid-afternoon snack, and cilantro-lime grilled chicken for dinner.  We look forward to delivering these fresh, gluten-free meals right to your door for your enjoyment.

How it Works

Are you ready to get started with the best fresh food delivery in Miami?  If you are just head over to and our fluid web site will walk you through the quick and easy sign-up process.  First select your meal delivery plan from our four options:  traditional, paleo, vegetarian, and gluten free.  Next set your preferences for how many meals you want to receive each day.  You even have three meal sizes to choose from:  trim, lifestyle, or pro.  Next you will receive your daily deliveries of fresh food packed the night before in compostable containers.  And FIB delivers to both residential and commercial addresses.  The next step is fairly simple:  eat and enjoy the fresh meal plans proudly offered by Fresh is Best.



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