Healthy Meal Delivery in MiamiEating well is more than just counting calories, it is eating fresh foods that are not only tasty but offer your body the nutrients it needs to fit your lifestyle. With this in mind, we offer healthy food delivery in Miami, FL so that you do not have to spend your spare time waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store to buy these foods. Instead, we do the work for you and bring you the best, to include the freshest, most colorful, and pasture fed and antibiotic free meats and poultry.

Also, whenever possible, your food will be made with the produce from Southern Florida Farmers, who practice sustainability. Because we work with our local farmers, we do not solely use organic produce, as getting these certifications can be expensive and time-consuming for the farmers. Yet, we guarantee that all of your foods are from farms that do not use pesticides, so while it may not be certified organic—they are organic.

Healthy Meal Delivery in Miami, FL at Its Finest

In this area, meal delivery is not uncommon, yet we stand out among the rest. We take pride in our work to make sure that you are eating the best food because we know it is the fuel for your body, and therefore essential to your lifestyle. We deliver and prepare food that is full of nutrients, flavor, and crafted for your individual needs. Along with the food that we bring you, we also pack these foods in sustainable containers because we understand that this is more than just a business, it’s our lives.

How Does the Meal Delivery Process Work?

The process is simple: Select a Plan, Tell us Your Preferences, Get Your Food, & Enjoy a Delicious Meal! Our plans offer a variety of options. Select whether you want traditional, gluten free, Paleo, or vegetarian. Then, let us know what you prefer. For example, do you like a certain trim of beef, or do you have any allergies, or what is your favorite food, or are you on a workout where you require a certain amount of protein? Let us know! We will then deliver your meal to you, all of which are prepared the previous night and packaged in compostable containers. From here, all you have to do is follow the reheating instructions, if it is a hot meal, you serve the meal and enjoy! The instructions are found on the inside of the daily menu that is in your cooler bag’s pocket. All you have to do is remember to take off the lid when you are reheating the food!

What’s On Fresh Is Better’s Menu?

Our menu changes based on the fruits and vegetables that are in season and available. If you choose the traditional menu, you can expect to have waffles, whether it is wheat, strawberry, or cinnamon, for breakfast. Then, for lunch, enjoy a Chicken Kebab Tzatziki and quinoa with plenty of roasted veggies. For Dinner enjoy a tasty piece of fresh fish caught in the Miami waters with asparagus and cherry tomato salad. For dessert, indulge in a lemon pie with a coconut crust.

If you choose the Paleo option, you can look forward to Korean BBQ Beef, Mushroom & Spinach pork tenderloin, baked Salmon and asparagus, and more! Are you a vegetarian? We have plenty of options, from veggie summer rolls to mushroom & tofu en Papillote to barley risotto with butternut squash. Lastly, our gluten free options are endless. We have seasonal fruit roll ups, baked salmon with cauliflower mash, chicken kebabs with grilled vegetables, and more!

All The Details About Fresh Is Better’s Healthy Meal Plan Delivery

Healthy Meal Plan DeliveryAre you ready to sign up for fresh and delicious healthy meals delivery? You have two options: sign up and register on the website or to give us a call at 844-342-4244. Following your registration, you will get an email confirmation that will allow you to note your favorite foods and preferences, as well as get information about how and when we will deliver the healthy food to you.

If you want to start getting good deliveries, you need to sign up by Friday at 10 AM to start receiving your meals on the following Monday. If you live with your partner or have other people that you want to include in the meals, they must sign up for their own account so that we can best suit their individual needs, yet we will deliver the meals together.

If you want to get your friends or family to start eating healthy and have us deliver meals to them too, you will receive 10% off! All you have to do is send an email to Are you feeling a little unsure about the whole thing and you want to try it before you invest in an entire week? Don’t worry! We totally get it! With this in mind, we have created our one day trial where you get your meal at a reduced price and delivery is still free!



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