You’ve heard it before and you’ve probably said it before, “I don’t have time to eat healthily.” Nowadays there are all sorts of alternatives to take the factor of time out of the mix, but we think we have the best solution of them all: Fresh Meal Delivery Service in Miami.

We know you have a busy schedule, work long hours, possibly schlep around the kids to one activity after the other and when you finally settle down you’re ready to sit or lay down and relax. There’s nothing we understand more. With our Fresh Meal Plan in Miami all you have to do is select a plan, set your preferences, receive your delivery then eat and enjoy.

What are our Fresh Meal Plans in Miami?

Let’s look at each step individually:

Selecting a plan The plans are designed to meet your daily needs and you can choose from gluten free, vegetarian, paleo or tradition. Our gluten free selections are as tasty and satisfying, but adapted for those with gluten sensitivity and intolerance. The vegetarian dishes include whole grains, legumes and nuts, and locally provided fruits and vegetables, and they’re chocked full of all the good nutrients and succulent flavors you’re looking for. Our paleo plan is the most efficient for losing weight. We use only unprocessed foods, healthy fats, lean meats and fresh produce in them. Our traditional meals help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight with hearty grains, lean protein and fresh produce. We pride ourselves that each choice is full of fresh and savory food.

Setting your preferences This is the fun part: choosing how many meals you want to receive on a daily basis from the three meal-size options. We have trim, lifestyle or pro. This is also where you indicate if you have any allergies we should be aware of.

Receiving your delivery With our free delivery service your fresh meals will be prepared the night before and packed in compostable containers.

Eat and enjoy is definitely self-explanatory and whether you are enlisting this service for the convenience, to have tasty food on hand or want foods that are custom-crafted to meet our healthy lifestyle we are confident you’ll enjoy every bite.

Fresh Meal Delivery Service in Miami

Saving you Time, Giving you the Best with Fresh Meal Delivered in Miami

With fresh food delivery in Miami, our gourmet food is prepared for you with several things in mind; making sure everything is nutritious, fresh, sustainable and definitely delicious. We rely on our local farmers and food sources all of which focus on using the top ingredients directly from nature. Each meal is inspired by our love for health and wellness and the desire to ensure you receive the very best choices.

Just imagine wild-caught fish, hormone and antibiotic free meats as well as bunches of nutrient-dense and colorful fresh produce that are prepared using the healthy fats in olive and coconut oils and nuts and seeds. We promise that are foods are never frozen and are customized to meet the preferences you set. Regardless of the meal plan you choose, you can rest assured it was prepared for you with strict attention to detail to back your healthy lifestyle.

We believe in the farm-to-table lifestyle and we started our Fresh Food Delivery in Miami to share that lifestyle with you. It’s a sustainable way of living and it supports the locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown without using pesticides. We believe our proteins should be antibiotic and hormone free and that seafood should be fresh and caught right out of the waters in our backyard. We have even paid extra special attention to our delivery containers, which are compostable and speak of our desire to be responsible for our environment.

We know you probably don’t have the time to deal with all of that every day, but we do. So just rely on us to count your calories and choose your fresh meals so that you can have the highest quality of choices that are best for your lifestyle and body. We take joy in preparing each meal – the planning, shopping and preparing – so you don’t have to. Choose to have your fresh meals delivered in Miami and see what a difference that makes in your life.


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