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Healthy Food Delivery


There is something to be said for eating healthy, but did you know that you can get the healthy food you need delivered right to your door? Miami healthy food delivery is without a doubt one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century, and in the end, it’s all about sustainable eating. With obesity on the rise and heart disease at an all-time high, healthy eating has without a doubt become a necessity and as such, we ensure that only the best is delivered to your front door. Let’s talk a bit about the services we provide and why you should trust us to deliver the food that your body needs.

Sustainable eating is essentially a practice that involves food grown in a way that is manageable over a long term, or in other words, produced responsibly. There are obviously several companies that we are able to work with, though it should be noted that in Florida, vegetables are harvested primarily between October and March. That being said, we can’t always get the produce that we want, but we do our best to ensure we search other sustainable sources throughout the state of Florida, or the Southeast United States.

Sustainable eating is all about eating food that has been grown or raised in a way that is manageable over the long-term. A food source is sustainable only if it produces food responsibly.
At FIB we care about where your food comes from so we focus on finding partners that support this philosophy.

We insist that our Miami healthy meal delivery services entail meals that have not been exposed to hormones or antibiotics. In addition to that, any fish that we use will be caught in the wild rather than raised in aquariums. To that end, our menu provides a ‘catch of the day’, a serving that is brought in by local fishermen on a daily basis, though we cannot always guarantee what that will consist of. The ocean is a wild place, and the catch will always be different!  We do understand that there are some people who dislike certain types of fish, and with that being the case, always post the catch of the day on our social media page so that you can plan ahead.

Meal Delivery

There is something magical about having meals delivered directly to your front door. If you were to attempt to put this together on your own, you would find that it is not only more expensive, it is also more time consuming. You would need to visit your local store, ensure that everything is organic, and then, of course, you would need to put together your own meal plan, ensuring each piece was perfectly healthy. Who has time for that anymore? You might not, but we do!

How do you  decide what types of meals you want delivered to you? It honestly depends on what is best for YOU in order to help you make this harrowing decision, our website includes a list of potential meal plans and information about each one. The most important thing to remember, even when choosing pre-made meals, is that every single person is different. Everyone has different needs, and everyone may have different restrictions. For this reason, we have several options including:

  • Paleo
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-Free

These are three great options, though we do understand that some people might have strict dietary requirements. For this reason, we strongly recommend anyone unsure of what they should choose to call an enrollment specialist – we the both the answers and the food that you’ve been looking for.

Meal Plans

There are a number of different meal plans available for the discerning diner, with three major options available including:

  • Trim Size: 1,200 Calories Daily, 4 oz lean protein,
  • Medium Size: 1,600 Calories Daily, 6 oz lean protein
  • Pro Size: 2,200 Calories Daily, 8 oz lean protein

Remember, while you might choose a meal plan initially, it is important to keep in mind that you can change it at any time. Lifestyles change, and needs change. You might decide to lose weight at some point and determine that you want to cut your portion sizes, or perhaps you will decide that you want to raise the amount that you’ve been eating all along. These diets are perfectly scalable and will give you the opportunity to change your eating habits whenever and however you wish.

There are a plethora of different food options in the Miami, and you will find that many of them are quite exotic. The problem, is that it is not entirely friendly to those who find themselves on a diet. This makes healthy food delivery Miami  all the more important.

Are you curious about the food that’s coming to your door tomorrow or even next week? Don’t forget to check out the website and our social media accounts. This information will help you to plan your next meal, and it can even help you to attain peace of mind, knowing that your next mean will be a healthy one. With these meals coming to your house each week, you can relax and focus on the more important things in life, knowing that your culinary desires and needs are taken care of to the letter.

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